How to Protect Your Auto Upholstery

protect your auto upholsteryTaking care of your car’s exterior is very important, but remembering the inside of your vehicle is vital too. Neglecting to protect your auto upholstery can result in a drastic decrease in your car’s overall value. Your auto upholstery specialist will be able to provide suggestions for protecting your upholstery. For now, here are several ways you can keep the interior of your car looking newer longer.

1. Tint Your Windows

One of the best ways to protect your upholstery is to have your windows tinted. This is particularly effective if you live in a sunny location. See your local auto glass specialist for more details.

2. Use Sunshades

In lieu of tinting your windows (or in addition to), it’s also a good idea to use sunshades. This is an inexpensive purchase that can keep your auto upholstery safe from the sun.

3. Apply a Protective Spray

Another option is to apply a protective spray to your auto upholstery. There are many different types and brands of upholstery protection available. Make sure you pick the one that is right for your seats.

4. Cover Your Seats

If you have children or pets, it may also be a good idea to purchase seat covers. At the very least, have towels and blankets on hand to prevent damage from spills and pet nails.

Need Auto Upholstery Repair or Replacement?

Preventative measures don’t always work. When this happens, you should consult a professional regarding auto upholstery repairs and replacement. If your upholstery needs attention, contact Lakewood City Glass & Upholstery to schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained glass and upholstery specialists. We offer a wide selection of services, from upholstery work to window replacement. View our website for more information or call (253) 201–1136 to schedule an appointment.

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