Window Maintenance Tips in Lakewood

window maintenanceIf you’re a homeowner in the Lakewood, Washington, area, you already know window maintenance is important. While your local residential window experts can perform any needed window maintenance and repairs, there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent costly window replacements. Keep these tips in mind as you care for your home’s windows in Lakewood, Washington.

Keep Them Clean

Making sure your windows are clean doesn’t merely ensure there’s ample natural light in your home; regular window cleanings also help to ensure dust and dirt don’t get into your window’s moving parts. Too much gunk buildup can make windows difficult to open and close. Remember to avoid too much moisture during cleanings, because too much can cause rot that will require professional window repair.

Inspect Seasonally

Inspecting your windows a few times a year will help you identify issues that need your attention. Make a habit of checking double and triple paned windows for moisture, which is a sign of a failed seal. Window maintenance will also help ensure proper insulation for your home, saving you money over time. If you do notice cracks or damage while inspecting your windows, contact your local window expert immediately.

Repaint Periodically

Identifying areas of your home experiencing prolonged exposure to the elements is an important part of window maintenance. Repaint wooden and metal frames to prevent damage and make them look their best. Remember to paint your windows while they’re open to avoid painting them shut.

Need Professional Window Maintenance in Lakewood?

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