Benefits of Hinged Single Glass Doors in Tacoma

hinged single glass doorsGlass doors are visually stunning and add character to your home in Tacoma, Washington. While there are many options, hinged single glass doors are a great choice for homeowners. Before asking your glass professional to provide you with potential door designs, consider the many benefits of hinged single glass doors for your home in Tacoma.

Perfect for Narrow Openings

Multiple glass doors for a single entrance can look beautiful, but it requires a significant amount of space. Narrower openings are better served with  hinged single glass doors because this allows you to maximize the available space, while still having a visually stunning glass door.

Varied Designs and Sizes

Because hinged single glass doors are typically one solid panel, they can be made to fit nearly any opening. It’s important to note, however, that the surrounding structural frame and hinges will need to be substantial enough to support the added weight. Your glass specialist will be able to suggest the appropriate hardware for your home and situation.

Frameless Options

While many hinged single glass doors are framed with wood or metal, frameless options are also available. In the proper setting, a large solid glass panel door can be stunning. If your local residential glass expert offers custom fabrication services, you can secure a truly unique piece for your home.

Interested in Hinged Single Glass Doors in Tacoma?

Hinged single glass doors can be a beautiful addition to your home in Tacoma, but you need a trusted professional for installation. The glass experts at Lakewood City Glass & Upholstery in Lakewood, Washington, provide excellent service and quality work. We also excel at car upholstery repair, car windshield repair, and residential window repair. Visit our website or call (253) 480–6392 to schedule an appointment. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions about hinged single glass doors in Tacoma.

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