Types of Residential Window Glass in Lakewood

window glass, window glass typeAre you considering window replacement for your home in Lakewood, Washington? If so, it’s important to select the types of residential window glass that will fit your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. You may not realize it, but there are actually a number of different glass types to choose from. Consider the pros and cons of some of these popular installation options before making an appointment with your local glass professional in Lakewood.

Float Glass

One popular type of window glass is float glass. This is a standard option that is colorless and untreated. Because of its simplicity, it is often inexpensive. In most cases, this type of glass is used as a starting point that is further enhanced to create a higher-quality material.

Safety Laminated Glass

Many homeowners prefer safety laminated window glass because it is significantly more durable than other options. This type of glass will stay in place even after breaking, making it ideal for households with small children and/or pets. It’s also commonly used during windshield replacement.

Tinted Glass

Another popular option your glass specialist may recommend is tinted glass. This is essentially any kind of glass that has been colored. Some homeowners prefer tinted window glass for aesthetic reasons, but most are interested in it because it provides additional privacy and protection from dangerous UV rays. Reducing the impact of the sun is particularly important for people with hardwood floors.

Need to Speak with a Professional about Window Glass in Lakewood?

Do you need to speak with a professional about window glass in Lakewood, Washington? If you’re unsure which type of glass is right for you, contact Lakewood City Glass & Upholstery in Lakewood. One of our contractors will be happy to advise you. In addition to residential window replacement, customers also count on us for car upholstery repair, residential window repair, and auto glass repair.

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