Why Windshield Repair and Replacement is Important in University Place

windshield repairMost motorists have some level of pride in their vehicles. Your car’s physical appearance matters, which is reason enough to not ignore windshield repair. Beyond the aesthetics, function matters as well. A flying pebble or minor collision can chip or crack a windshield. When the damage is relatively minor, you might be inclined to hold off auto windshield and glass repair. This isn’t a wise decision, though. If the glass is damaged, regardless of how severe, you need to have it looked at by a home and auto glass specialist right away. Here are a few reasons why windshield repair and replacement matters to a significant degree.

Protection from Debris

The windshield protects you and the passengers from flying debris. An already damaged windshield will not be as effective against larger projectiles, such as rocks bigger than a standard pebble.

Structural Support

The windshield makes up about 30% of the car’s structural strength. Driving with a cracked or splintered windshield can be hazardous because the car roof is more likely to give out and collapse in the event of a collision.

Airbag Deployment

Windshields also impact the airbags in the event they deploy. You should discuss the windshield’s condition with an auto glass technician to be sure the airbags will function correctly if activated.

Require Windshield Repair or Replacement in Lakewood?

Did your car’s windshield incur a crack? Don’t believe a small chip or crack isn’t a big deal. Your windshield is vital for keeping you and your passengers safe. Drop your vehicle off at Lakewood City Glass & Upholstery today to have a technician look at it. Browse our website to learn more about the many services we provide, including home window replacements. Need to book an appointment for windshield repair or replacement? Call (253) 201–1136 to talk to one of our licensed and seasoned glass professionals.

Windshield Repair and Replacement Services in University Place

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