Window Maintenance Tips in Lakewood

window maintenanceDo you own a home in the Lakewood, Washington, region? If so, then you know window maintenance is a necessary part of home care. Your regional residential window professionals can work on any needed window repairs. However, there are some easy steps you can take to keep the windows in good condition. These steps can be incorporated into your routine home chores.

Keep Them Clean

Keeping the windows clean ensures sunlight is able to penetrate and provide natural lighting. It also ensures dust and debris don’t get into the various latches, hinges, and moving parts. Too much buildup of gunk can make the windows stiff when opening and shutting them. When cleaning, be sure to completely dry the surface to prevent moisture buildup.

Perform Seasonal Inspections

Carefully examining the windows at the start of every season helps you pinpoint problems that may require immediate attention. Make it routine to check double and triple-paned windows for moisture buildup, which is a giveaway of an eroding seal. Window care also helps to maintain ample home insulation, cutting down on energy costs. Contact your local window expert if you notice cracks that may be allowing excess air to penetrate and exit the interior.

Repaint Periodically

Repaint any part of the wooden or metal frames of the window if the existing paint is starting to peel. When finished, be sure to keep the windows open so the air can help the paint dry. It also ensures you don’t accidentally end up painting the windows shut.

Require Window Maintenance in Lakewood?

Do you require professional window maintenance or repair in Lakewood? Contact Lakewood City Glass & Upholstery today. Our knowledgeable team can also help you with car upholstery repair and car windshield repair needs. Browse our website or call (253) 480–6392 to book a visit and consultation.

Professional Window Maintenance in Lakewood

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