Types of Residential Window Glass in Lakewood

window glass, window glass typeAre you contemplating window replacement for your residence in Lakewood, Washington? If so, it’s essential to choose window glass types that are most fitting for your budget and personal visual preferences. Consider the advantages and drawbacks of each common window variety before making an appointment with a window installer.

Float Glass

One common style of window glass is float glass. This is a standard variety that’s untreated and colorless. Due to its sheer simplicity, it’s affordable and great for budget renovations. Despite the simplistic nature, these windows still provide a great look for living quarters and personal bedrooms.

Safety Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is desirable due to its high durability and longevity. The glass will often remain in place even if there’s a crack or fracture, thus prevent a shattering from occurring. This adds a layer of safety especially for households with young children. Laminated glass is also common in vehicles during a windshield replacement.

Tinted Glass

Another high-in-demand option your glass specialist may suggest is tinted glass. This is basically any type of colored glass. Many residents prefer tinted windows because it provides privacy without having to rely on curtains or shutters. Plus, colored glass is also quite visually appealing. A third benefit is that the tint provides protection against UV rays. Direct sunlight can be especially hard on hardwood floors.

Want to Learn More About Window Glass Types in Lakewood?

Do you want to learn more about the myriad of window glass types? If you’re undecided which style is most suitable for your home, then contact Lakewood City Glass & Upholstery in Lakewood. Our glass technicians can make professional recommendations that take into account factors like your budget and personal preference. Apart from residential windows, we also perform car upholstery repair and auto glass services.

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