Preventing Leather Auto Upholstery Damage Near Tacoma

leather upholstery damage, preventing upholstery damageDoes your vehicle have premium leather upholstery? With the high-quality material, it’s only natural to want to preserve its condition. Luckily, there are ways to offset leather upholstery damage and prevent blemishes like stains, rips, and odors. If your car has existing damage, bring it to an auto upholstery professional near Tacoma, Washington. Here are a few ways to keep damage at bay.

Minimize Direct Sunlight

UV rays can cause leather auto upholstery to fade. Unfortunately, UV ray exposure is common with most cars spending an extended period parked outside. To safeguard your upholstery from needless rips and discoloration, invest in a sunshade. This is inexpensive and only takes five seconds to place on the windshield before exiting the vehicle. You can also get your car tinted to further minimize UV ray exposure.

Check Your Pockets

Your pockets may contain items that may damage the upholstery. This is especially true of sharp objects like keys and pens. Make it a routine practice to empty your pockets and store the items in the vehicle’s storage compartments. Request that all passengers follow suit.

Clean and Condition Regularly

We recommend cleaning the upholstery at least once per month using a cleaner and conditioner specifically formulated for application on leather. Similarly, you can have the upholstery cleaned by bringing it to a professional auto detailer.

We Offset Leather Upholstery Damage Near Tacoma

Even with diligent care, mishaps can and do happen. In this scenario, the best solution is to make an appointment at Lakewood City Glass & Upholstery in Lakewood. Apart from handling leather upholstery damage, we also provide a number of window services, such as auto glass repair and residential window repair. Let us get your car interior looking pristine as if it came straight out of the dealership.

Leather Upholstery Damage Prevention Near Tacoma

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