Auto Upholstery Cleaning: What NOT to Do Near University Place

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How is the condition of your car interior? Some stains in the upholstery or odors may not impact operability, but it does make the vehicle far less presentable, especially if you travel with passengers. It also reduces car value. This is why auto upholstery cleaning is necessary for ensuring a car cabin that’s pleasant for driving or riding in. For best results, here are some actions to avoid when performing interior auto cleaning.

Don’t Use Any Random Cleaner

Some car owners will use any random cleaner, ranging from dish detergent to tile cleaners. This can cause permanent discoloration or erosion of the material. Only use cleaners formulated for auto upholstery, and they should be specific to your upholstery type. Materials like leather and synthetic fabric require specific cleaning formulas.

Don’t Ignore the Trunk

Car owners tend to ignore the trunk because it’s seen as merely storage space. However, stains and odors can easily arise, especially if you frequently store and transport groceries where spills can occur. Smells can especially spread to the cabin.

Don’t Attempt DIY Repairs

Do you take pride in performing your own repairs? If so, you may naturally want to take on auto upholstery repair in the convenience of your own garage. We don’t recommend this. Without the right hands-on experience and tools, it’s very possible to cause further damage that’ll lead to more extensive repairs.

Need Auto Upholstery Cleaning Services Near University Place?

Is your car long due for upholstery cleaning near University Place, Washington? Even with routine cleaning on your end, you may still need a professional for optimal results. Contact Lakewood City Glass & Upholstery in Lakewood for auto cleaning and detailing done to industry standards. Apart from cleaning your vehicle, we can also perform additional servicing, such as auto glass repair.

Auto Upholstery Cleaning and Repair Near University Place

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