Most Common Causes of Auto Upholstery Damage Near Parkland

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A stain or tear in the upholstery won’t affect vehicle function. However, it can lower the car’s value, not to mention it’s an absolute eyesore. Of course, some wear and tear will naturally occur with age. However, you can minimize auto upholstery damage by understanding the common culprits that cause stains and blemishes.


Smoking in the car elevates the risk of upholstery damage. Cigarette butts and ashes can lead to burn marks in the fabric, exposing the cushion beneath. In addition, the smoke can embed itself into the upholstery, causing foul odors that linger for weeks.

Water Damage

Any type of liquid can damage the upholstery, even plain water. The fabric absorbs the liquid, creating an environment for mold growth. Liquid beverages like coffee and soda can lead to permanent stains. It’s best to refrain from drinking anything unless it’s in a bottle with a sealed cap. Drinks in disposable cups with plastic lids are prone to spilling even if secured in a cup holder.


A vehicle crash often leads to smashed auto glass with the shards cutting into the upholstery. After a collision, be sure to take plenty of photos of the vehicle to document the damage. This includes snapshots of the upholstery. Your insurance may be able to cover upholstery restoration if the damage was due to the collision.

Need an Auto Upholstery Damage Specialist Near Parkland?

Most forms of auto upholstery damage require attention from a professional near Parkland. If you need any type of restoration work, make an appointment with Lakewood City Glass & Upholstery in Lakewood to have your vehicle interior detailed. We remove all stains, odors, and tears, making the cabin appear like new. Apart from auto detailing, we also perform new installations for residential windows.

Auto Upholstery Damage Specialists Near Parkland

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