Benefits of Laminated Auto Glass in Lakewood

laminated auto glass, laminated windshieldAre you in need of a windshield replacement in Lakewood, Washington? Most motorists don’t know there’s more than one style of car windshield. Car owners should consider an upgrade to laminated auto glass if replacing a damaged windshield. Learn of the advantages associated with this type of glass and why it’s high in demand.

Increased Safety

Laminated glass contains an interior layer, making it thicker and more durable against impacts. In a collision, this makes the glass less likely to shatter and send dangerous shards your way. Broken shards of glass can lead to cuts and lacerations in a head-on crash.

Better Sound Control

Laminated auto glass is far denser. This leads to less sound penetration from outside. This means less distraction from the humming and honking of outer traffic noise. It also creates better reverberation from the music you play inside the vehicle. 

More Durable

Laminated glass is quite durable. It’s less likely to fracture when a pebble or other airborne object slams into it. This leads to fewer instances of needing a full windshield replacement. In addition, this glass type also minimizes UV penetration and keeps heat rays from turning your car cabin into a furnace.

Want a Laminated Auto Glass Upgrade in Lakewood?

Do you think laminated auto glass will be beneficial for your vehicle in Lakewood? Now that you have a better understanding of this glass type, you can decide whether it’s a good investment for your vehicle. Contact Lakewood City Glass & Upholstery in Lakewood for car windshield repairs and replacement. We also perform other automotive services, such as auto upholstery refinishing. For homes, we perform residential window repair. Let us be at the forefront of your car detailing or home window upgrade.

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