Benefits of Laminated Auto Glass in Lakewood

laminated auto glass, laminated windshieldDo you need a windshield replacement in Lakewood, Washington? Most drivers aren’t aware that there is more than one type of windshield glass available. Whether your windshield was damaged or you’re simply updating your vehicle, you should seriously consider installing laminated auto glass. Many auto glass specialists recommend this product. Keep the following benefits of laminated auto glass in mind as you finalize your service plans in Lakewood.

Increased Safety

Because laminated auto glass has an interior layer, it is far safer than the alternative options. If you are in an accident, this layer prevents the glass from shattering in to dangerous shards that can injure you and your passengers.

Better Sound Control

Regular glass is thin, but laminated auto glass is much denser. As a result, you can enjoy significantly better sound control while driving. Say goodbye to loud noise interruptions from outside your vehicle!

More Durable

Laminated auto glass is also very durable. It’s unlikely to crack when hit by a rock or other debris. This means you can expect the need for auto glass repair to be infrequent. This glass will also reduce the amount of UV radiation entering your vehicle.

Interested in Laminated Auto Glass in Lakewood?

Are you interested in installing laminated auto glass on your vehicle in Lakewood, Washington? Now that you’re familiar with the benefits associated with this product, you can make a more informed decision. Contact Lakewood City Glass & Upholstery in Lakewood to receive more information about laminated auto glass. We consistently deliver expert advice, quality workmanship, and unbeatable customer care. Our highly-trained and experienced team of specialists can assist with all of your auto upholstery needs, big or small. We have the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to do the job quickly and efficiently. You can also count on us for excellent auto upholstery repair and residential window repair services.

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Common Auto Upholstery Services Offered Near Joint Base Lewis/McChord

auto upholstery, auto upholsterersDid you know that auto upholstery encompasses much more than just auto upholstery repair and replacement in Joint Base, Washington? Auto upholsterers can actually provide a wide array of interior services for your car or truck. This is good news for drivers, because even minor damage to your vehicle’s upholstery can significantly impact its resale value. Schedule an appointment with one of the many auto upholsterers near Joint Base Lewis/McChord if you need any of the following auto upholstery services.

Upholstery Restoration

If you own a vintage or classic car, you might not want to replace its upholstery. Fortunately, auto upholsterers can often restore your vehicle’s original equipment to make it look new once again. This will help the car retain its value.

Headliner Repair

Most auto upholsterers also offer headliner repair for cars and trucks. Headliner is usually attached to the interior roof of your vehicle using adhesive. When it begins to sag or become torn, an auto upholstery specialist will need to determine how best to address the situation. Continue Reading →

Most Common Causes of Auto Upholstery Damage in Parkland

auto upholstery damage, auto upholstery repairAre you worried about the seats of your car or truck in Parkland, Washington? Taking proper care of your auto upholstery is important. Even minor damage can drastically lower your vehicle’s value and result in costly auto upholstery repair. While some wear and tear is normal over time, there are some major culprits you need to look out for. Consider these common causes of auto upholstery damage so you can avoid an unnecessary trip to see an auto upholstery professional in Parkland.


One of the most common causes of auto upholstery damage is smoking. Ashes and cigarette butts can easily burn through all types of fabric. The resulting burn marks and holes are extremely unsightly.

Water Damage

Another major contributor to auto upholstery damage is water. Actually, any liquid can stain your seats. Always check that you’ve raised your windows completely. You might also want to avoid eating and drinking in your vehicle. Consider holding passengers to the same standards. Continue Reading →

Common Questions about Auto Upholstery in Fircrest

auto upholstery repairHas your auto upholstery seen better days in Fircrest, Washington? Many drivers only focus on the exterior of their car or truck, but the interior is just as important. The condition of a vehicle’s seats can have a huge impact on its overall value. If you’ve never dealt with auto upholstery repair or replacement before, however, you probably have several questions about the process. Keep the following questions and answers in mind as you look for an auto upholstery professional in Fircrest.

Can I replace my auto upholstery myself?

While some people feel confident tackling a task like this alone, it takes a significant amount of time and effort to complete properly. If you don’t have experience, it’s best to rely on an auto upholstery specialist.

Should I replace auto upholstery with the same material?

Are you interested in changing your current auto upholstery material to something else? You can request a new material, but it may not have the same perforations and embossings. Additionally, many vehicles lose value if they do not have the original material. Continue Reading →

Auto Upholstery Cleaning: What NOT to Do in University Place

auto upholstery cleaning, auto upholsteryAre you concerned about your auto upholstery in University Place, Washington? Taking care of the interior of your car or truck is important. While it may not impact your vehicle’s function, it does help maintain the overall resale value. It’s also a good idea to have your auto upholstery professional recommend a specific auto upholstery cleaning routine. Most auto owners know they should regularly vacuum the floors and wipe down the dashboard, but there are a few actions drivers should avoid as well. Keep the following suggestions in mind as you continue to care for your auto upholstery in University Place.

Don’t Grab Any Old Cleaner

When it comes time to wipe down your seats, you might decide to grab any cleaner stashed away in your garage. Don’t do this. You should be cleaning your auto upholstery with specially designed carpet and upholstery cleaners.

Don’t Forget the Trunk

Because you don’t always see your vehicle’s trunk, it’s not uncommon to forget that it needs cleaning too. Make sure you or your auto upholstery specialist take time to check it for spills each time you clean your car or truck. Continue Reading →

Preventing Leather Auto Upholstery Damage in Tacoma

leather upholstery damage, preventing upholstery damageDoes your car or truck have leather seats in Tacoma, Washington? If so, you may be worried about the material becoming damaged over time. Fixing or replacing leather auto upholstery can be very expensive and will require an experienced auto upholstery professional. Fortunately, there are ways of preventing the development of scratches, tears, and holes in your leather auto upholstery. Keep the following tips in mind in Tacoma.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

UV rays can easily damage leather auto upholstery. Unfortunately, your vehicle spends a lot of time outside. To protect your seats from unnecessary cracking and discoloration, invest in sun shields for your windows. You may also consider having your auto glass tinted to limit the sun’s impact. Continue Reading →

Types of Residential Window Glass in Lakewood

window glass, window glass typeAre you considering window replacement for your home in Lakewood, Washington? If so, it’s important to select the types of residential window glass that will fit your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. You may not realize it, but there are actually a number of different glass types to choose from. Consider the pros and cons of some of these popular installation options before making an appointment with your local glass professional in Lakewood.

Float Glass

One popular type of window glass is float glass. This is a standard option that is colorless and untreated. Because of its simplicity, it is often inexpensive. In most cases, this type of glass is used as a starting point that is further enhanced to create a higher-quality material.

Safety Laminated Glass

Many homeowners prefer safety laminated window glass because it is significantly more durable than other options. This type of glass will stay in place even after breaking, making it ideal for households with small children and/or pets. It’s also commonly used during windshield replacement. Continue Reading →

Preparing for Windshield Replacement in Parkland

windshield replacementHas your windshield been damaged beyond repair in Parkland, Washington? If so, it’s important to schedule windshield replacement with a glass professional as soon as possible. After your vehicle’s glass has been damaged, however, what steps should you take? Here’s what you should do to prepare for your appointment  for windshield replacement in Parkland. Taking these steps will help save you money, time, and potential frustration.

Find a Reliable Auto Glass Shop

When you need auto windshield repair or replacement, it’s absolutely vital to find a reliable auto glass shop in your area. Not all auto centers provide glass services and those that do aren’t always of equal quality. Always ask your family and friends for recommended shops, research your options, and read through previous customer reviews. If you can’t find reviews, ask the auto center for a list of referrals. Continue Reading →

Advantages of Tempered Glass Windows in Fircrest

tempered glass windowIs it time for a window upgrade in Fircrest, Washington? If so, it’s important to select units that will suit your home and lifestyle best. While there are a number of window types and materials to choose from, many homeowners prefer tempered glass windows. Consider the features and benefits of this type of glass before making installation plans with your glass professional in Fircrest.


Tempered glass is a very strong material. It’s rated to withstand heavy winds and rain. In fact, most skyscrapers utilize tempered glass. It likely that choosing tempered glass windows will result in far less need for residential window repair.


Because they are more durable, tempered glass windows are a very safe option for homeowners. Accidents are far less likely to occur and, if they do, the impact is significantly less. It’s a particularly good idea to speak with your residential glass company if you have small children. Continue Reading →

Window Upgrade Styles for University Place

window upgradeAre you thinking about updating the windows in your home in University Place, Washington? There are a number of popular window types to consider when planning for a window upgrade. To ensure your selection suits your home and style, carefully think through each of the following options before contacting a glass professional to discuss a window upgrade in University Place.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are ideal for homeowners who appreciate a classic aesthetic. These units have an upper and lower section that move. Some versions even tilt inward. This makes them an excellent choice for a window upgrade in multi-story homes where cleaning and maintenance can be problematic.

Sling-Hung Windows

Your glass specialist may recommend single-hung windows. These units are similar to double-hung windows, but only the lower section can move. These are good for second story window upgrades as well, because some models are made to pivot inward for easier cleaning.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a relatively standard residential glass feature. These units have a single panel that moves horizontally. While only half of the window can actually open, they are easy to open and provide decent ventilation.

Interested in a Window Upgrade in University Place?

Are you interested in scheduling a window upgrade for your home in University Place, Washington? Now that you’re familiar with some of the most popular types of window styles, you can make a more informed decision about your update. To receive expert advice, quality installation services, and amazing customer service, contact Lakewood City Glass & Upholstery in Lakewood. We have the knowledge, skills, and tools required to complete your installation quickly and efficiently. Visit our website for information about the glass services we offer, including car upholstery repair, car windshield repair, and residential window repair. Call (253) 480–6392 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to assisting with your window upgrade in University Place!

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