Advantages of Tempered Glass Windows in Fircrest

tempered glass windowIs your home due for a window upgrade in Fircrest, Washington? If so, it’s imperative to choose styles that’ll suit your home needs. While there are numerous window types and materials to pick from, many homeowners aim for tempered glass windows. Consider the features and advantages of this glass type before confirming installation plans with a glass professional.


Tempered glass is quite a sturdy material. It’s rated to withstand strong gusts and rainfall. Most skyscrapers have tempered glass for this reason. For your residence, this may reduce the likelihood of premature wear and need for residential window repair.


Since they’re more durable, tempered glass windows are a safe selection for residents. Accidents are way less likely to happen and, if they do, the damage tends to be less severe. We recommend speaking to a residential glass provider if you have young kids in the home. Continue Reading →

Window Upgrade Styles for University Place

window upgradeAre you contemplating replacing the windows in your home in University Place, Washington? There are various styles to think about when planning for a window upgrade. To be sure your choice is fitting for your home interior and exterior, discuss the following options with a glass installer.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are great for those who appreciate a classic cosmetic look. These units have upper and lower portions that are movable. Some styles even tilt inward. This makes them a terrific selection for a window upgrade in multi-story residences where cleaning the exterior can be troublesome.

Single-Hung Windows

Your glass specialist may suggest single-hung windows. These are not unlike double-hung windows, but just the lower section is movable. These are compatible with second-story window installations because some styles are designed to pivot inward for more efficient cleaning.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a normal residential glass feature. These have a single panel that slides in a  horizontal direction. While only one-half of the window can open, they’re simple to open and provide ample ventilation. For many homeowners, sliding windows are the go-to default option due to their simplicity and ease of use.

Need a Window Upgrade in University Place?

Is your home due for a window upgrade? Now that you know of the diverse options, take the next step and contact Lakewood City Glass & Upholstery in Lakewood. We have years of experience installing windows for all styles of private residences. In addition, we also perform car windshield repair and automotive upholstery repair. We ensure that our customers get the best in terms of quality and aesthetics. Give us a call at (253) 480-6392 today to book an appointment with one of our glass technicians.

Expert Window Upgrade in University Place

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Tacoma Replacement Windows: Window Frame Material Options

window frame material, replacement windows

If you’re considering new windows for your Tacoma residence, then there’s more to it than just picking out a window type. Another factor is choosing the window frame material. This is where a glass professional can assist you in making a decision that’s right for your home type and budget. A little bit of research on your end will also make the decision a lot easier. The following are some of the common window frame styles.


PVC is common and ideal as a budget-friendly renovation. Keep in mind, though, that PVC is prone to contraction and expansion over time from temperature fluctuations.


Metal is another option that’s also relatively affordable. The material is thin but sturdy. It’s also lightweight and requires very little maintenance. One drawback, though, is that metal isn’t as energy-efficient compared to other materials on this list.


Wood frames are quite pricey. However, they are incredibly beautiful, especially for cottage-style homes. They are also highly energy efficient. Wood, however, does require routine upkeep and maintenance. On the aesthetic front, there are various wood grain patterns and textures to select from.

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Benefits of Hinged Single Glass Doors in Tacoma

hinged single glass doorsGlass doors are quite charming and really give your Tacoma home an added wow factor. While there are multiple selections, hinged single glass doors are an excellent choice for homeowners. Contemplate the many advantages of this door style and its design variants.

Ideal for Narrow Openings

Multiple glass doors for a single entrance can look lavish, but it requires a lot of space. Narrower openings are better served with a hinged single glass door because this enables you to best utilize the allotted space. Continue Reading →

Window Maintenance Tips in Lakewood

window maintenanceDo you own a home in the Lakewood, Washington, region? If so, then you know window maintenance is a necessary part of home care. Your regional residential window professionals can work on any needed window repairs. However, there are some easy steps you can take to keep the windows in good condition. These steps can be incorporated into your routine home chores.

Keep Them Clean

Keeping the windows clean ensures sunlight is able to penetrate and provide natural lighting. It also ensures dust and debris don’t get into the various latches, hinges, and moving parts. Too much buildup of gunk can make the windows stiff when opening and shutting them. When cleaning, be sure to completely dry the surface to prevent moisture buildup. Continue Reading →

Three Helpful Windshield Protection Tips in Fircrest

windshield protectionWhile required at times, windshield repair and replacement can be pricey and labor-intensive. Aside from finding a dependable home and auto glass specialist, it also takes time to get the issue fixed and your car back on the road. Diligent care of the windshield will prevent this altogether. Windshield protection is actually easier than you think and only requires a few simple adjustments. Follow these guidelines for better windshield longevity. 

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Parking your car out in the open on a sunny day can be detrimental to the glass. Whenever you can, park indoors or in spots with available shade. Doing this routinely will prolong the life of the auto glass. Continue Reading →

Why Windshield Repair and Replacement is Important in University Place

windshield repairMost motorists have some level of pride in their vehicles. Your car’s physical appearance matters, which is reason enough to not ignore windshield repair. Beyond the aesthetics, function matters as well. A flying pebble or minor collision can chip or crack a windshield. When the damage is relatively minor, you might be inclined to hold off auto windshield and glass repair. This isn’t a wise decision, though. If the glass is damaged, regardless of how severe, you need to have it looked at by a home and auto glass specialist right away. Here are a few reasons why windshield repair and replacement matters to a significant degree.

Protection from Debris

The windshield protects you and the passengers from flying debris. An already damaged windshield will not be as effective against larger projectiles, such as rocks bigger than a standard pebble.

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Why Homeowners Purchase Window Replacements in Lakewood

window replacementsIs it time to replace the existing windows in your home? If you’ve been living in your house for many years and never changed out the windows, now may be a time to do so. Older windows can lead to several issues, including drafts and increased energy use to cool and heat the home. It’s a good idea to have a glass and windshield repair technician have a look at your windows. The inspector can give an objective analysis of their efficiency.

Here are several reasons homeowners opt to invest in window replacements from a home and auto glass specialist.

Energy Efficiency

Older window frames have cracks or openings that develop over the years. These enable air to penetrate in and out of the house. This can be a major problem during the summer and winter when you really want to regulate indoor temperature. Upgraded windows can prevent your energy bill from skyrocketing out of control.


Windows that enable warm or chilly air into your house immensely impact your family’s comfort. Individual rooms will be colder or hotter than you prefer. Speak to a residential and auto glass technician about window replacements to create the optimum room temperature.

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Windshield Repair or Replacement Around Tacoma?

windshield repairDo you have a chip or fracture in your car windshield? It happens to everyone at some point. One high-note, though, is that you may not actually need to replace your windshield entirely. While any auto windshield and glass repair may feel like a major nuisance, this is actually positive news because windshield repair is significantly less expensive than windshield replacement. You’ll need to talk to your regional home and auto glass specialist for price confirmation, but here’s how to know whether you need to repair or replace your auto glass.

Windshield Repair

Whether you require repair or replacement depends mainly on the damage to your auto glass. The factors a technician will need to consider include the chip or crack size and its location. Typically, most shops can repair windshield damage as long as the chip can fit inside a quarter, or the crack doesn’t exceed three inches in length. Continue Reading →

How to Protect Your Auto Upholstery Near Parkland

protect your auto upholsteryTaking care of your car’s exterior is important, but remembering the interior of your vehicle equally matters. Neglecting to protect your auto upholstery can result in a major decrease in your vehicle’s overall value. Your auto upholstery specialist will be able to give recommendations for preserving your upholstery. For now, here are several ways you can keep the interior looking newer longer.

1. Tint Your Windows

An optimal way to protect your upholstery is to have the windows tinted. This is especially effective if you live in a sunny region. See your local auto glass professional for more details.

2. Use Sunshades

In lieu of or in addition to tinting your windows, it’s also a good idea to employ sunshades. This is an inexpensive purchase that can keep your auto upholstery protected from UV rays.

3. Apply a Protective Spray

Another approach is to apply a protective spray to your auto upholstery. There are multiple types and brands of upholstery protection available. Be sure you pick the one that’s right for your seats.

4. Cover Your Seats

If you have children or pets, consider purchasing seat covers. At the very least, lay towels and blankets over the seats to prevent damage from spills and pet nails.

We Protect Your Auto Upholstery

Preventative measures aren’t always effective. If this is the case, consult a professional regarding auto upholstery repairs and replacement. If your upholstery requires immediate attention, contact Lakewood City Glass & Upholstery to book an appointment with one of our certified glass and upholstery technicians. We provide a wide array of services, from upholstery work to window replacement. Browse our website to learn more or call (253) 201–1136 to schedule an appointment.

Auto Upholstery Repair and Replacement

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