Avoid Overpaying for University Place Auto Glass Repair

Auto Glass Repair

Did your car windshield sustain damage? Even if the damage appears minor, you still need to bring your vehicle in for auto glass repair near University Place. However, you shouldn’t just pick any shop that happens to be in your local area. You want an affordable service and stick within a budget. The good news is that there are automotive glass shops that provide the service you need at an agreeable rate. You just have to do your research.

Determine Local Averages

Scour the Web for different glass repair shops and determine what they generally charge. Stick to shops within University Place. Average prices can vary considerably even between neighboring counties. While you’re at it, you can also check the local averages of similar services like auto upholstery restoration.

Get a Second Opinion 

Get a second or even a third opinion. Don’t settle for just one estimate. When you have a handful of estimates, you can find which ones are charging higher than the local average.

Consider Every Aspect

Finding a low price is an important factor, but it shouldn’t be the only variable. Other factors to think about include the number of years of operation, certifications, and reviews. When you review all of these facets, it may be worth paying slightly more for a company that ticks all the other checkmarks. 

Need Auto Glass Repair Near University Place?

Is there a crack or chip on your car windshield? Don’t ignore it and bring your car to Lakewood City Glass & Upholstery for an inspection. Auto glass repair may be necessary to prevent a small chip from exacerbating and becoming a safety liability. Apart from vehicle windshields, we also repair and install residential windows for homes in and around University Place.

University Place Auto Glass Repair Shop

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Qualities of a Reliable Auto Glass Repair Shop in Tacoma

auto glass repair

Did your car windshield sustain a crack while you were commuting in Tacoma, Washington? Perhaps you were in a collision, or the glass was pelted by a pebble. Either way, you need to make arrangements for repairs. How do you find a reliable auto glass repair service? Learn how to find a service that’s reputable and restores your windshield to nothing less than industry standards. 

Positive Feedback

When searching for auto glass repair in your region, it’s best to start with online reviews. Scout for positive reviews and testimonials attesting to the shop’s quality of service. Keep in mind a few scattered negative reviews are by no means a dealbreaker. Recurrent low reviews, however, are a red flag.

Good Customer Service

Great customer service is another factor to take into consideration. Speak to the staff over the phone or arrange an in-person visit. Does the staff come off as courteous and knowledgeable? If the staff can’t spare two minutes to answer your questions, then look elsewhere. 

Free Estimates

Most shops provide a free estimate upon an assessment of the windshield damage. In addition to an estimate, you should also inquire about warranties and customer satisfaction guarantees. It’s always good to have a financial safeguard in the service contract.

Need a Reliable Auto Glass Repair Shop in Tacoma?

Are you looking for a reliable auto glass repair shop to restore existing windshield damage? Look no further than Lakewood City Glass & Upholstery in Lakewood for automotive glass restoration. Apart from windshields, we also do detailing for auto upholstery. Many Tacoma residents also turn to us for residential window installations. Whether automotive or residential, leave your window/glass needs to us.

Reliable Auto Glass Repair Shop in Tacoma

Serving the communities of Lakewood, Tacoma, University Place, Fircrest, Parkland and Joint Base Lewis-McChord

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Benefits of Laminated Auto Glass in Lakewood

laminated auto glass, laminated windshield Are you in need of a windshield replacement in Lakewood, Washington? Most motorists don’t know there’s more than one style of car windshield. Car owners should consider an upgrade to laminated auto glass if replacing a damaged windshield. Learn of the advantages associated with this type of glass and why it’s high in demand.

Increased Safety

Laminated glass contains an interior layer, making it thicker and more durable against impacts. In a collision, this makes the glass less likely to shatter and send dangerous shards your way. Broken shards of glass can lead to cuts and lacerations in a head-on crash.

Better Sound Control

Laminated auto glass is far denser. This leads to less sound penetration from outside. This means less distraction from the humming and honking of outer traffic noise. It also creates better reverberation from the music you play inside the vehicle. 

More Durable

Laminated glass is quite durable. It’s less likely to fracture when a pebble or other airborne object slams into it. This leads to fewer instances of needing a full windshield replacement. In addition, this glass type also minimizes UV penetration and keeps heat rays from turning your car cabin into a furnace.

Want a Laminated Auto Glass Upgrade in Lakewood?

Do you think laminated auto glass will be beneficial for your vehicle in Lakewood? Now that you have a better understanding of this glass type, you can decide whether it’s a good investment for your vehicle. Contact Lakewood City Glass & Upholstery in Lakewood for car windshield repairs and replacement. We also perform other automotive services, such as auto upholstery refinishing. For homes, we perform residential window repair. Let us be at the forefront of your car detailing or home window upgrade.

Laminated Auto Glass Experts in Lakewood

Serving the communities of Lakewood, Tacoma, University Place, Fircrest, Parkland and Joint Base Lewis-McChord

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Common Auto Upholstery Services Offered Near Joint Base Lewis/McChord

auto upholstery, auto upholsterers Auto upholstery services are more than just auto upholstery repair and refinishing in Joint Base, Washington. Technicians can perform a wide spectrum of interior services for your vehicle. This is a good thing because even minor blemishes to upholstery can lead to a drop in value. Schedule a consultation if you require any of the following services.

Upholstery Restoration

If you own a classic car, you may want to keep the original upholstery. Luckily, technicians can restore the automobile’s original equipment to make it appear just like new. This also helps maximize the value should you decide to sell the vehicle. A vintage model with a modern interior looks unnatural. It’s best to keep the old-style seating.

Headliner Repair

The headliner is a piece connected to the interior roof using a commercial-grade adhesive. Over time, the headliner may sag or tear. This is something a technician can fix relatively easily. We can also replace the headliner entirely if the piece is badly frayed or torn.

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Most Common Causes of Auto Upholstery Damage Near Parkland

auto upholstery damage, auto upholstery repair

A stain or tear in the upholstery won’t affect vehicle function. However, it can lower the car’s value, not to mention it’s an absolute eyesore. Of course, some wear and tear will naturally occur with age. However, you can minimize auto upholstery damage by understanding the common culprits that cause stains and blemishes.


Smoking in the car elevates the risk of upholstery damage. Cigarette butts and ashes can lead to burn marks in the fabric, exposing the cushion beneath. In addition, the smoke can embed itself into the upholstery, causing foul odors that linger for weeks.

Water Damage

Any type of liquid can damage the upholstery, even plain water. The fabric absorbs the liquid, creating an environment for mold growth. Liquid beverages like coffee and soda can lead to permanent stains. It’s best to refrain from drinking anything unless it’s in a bottle with a sealed cap. Drinks in disposable cups with plastic lids are prone to spilling even if secured in a cup holder. Continue Reading →

Common Questions About Auto Upholstery Near Fircrest

auto upholstery repair Does your auto upholstery show severe signs of wear near Fircrest, Washington? Many motorists only emphasize on their vehicle exterior and overlook the interior. The seats’ condition can have an enormous effect on its overall value. If you’ve never dealt with car upholstery repair before, though, you likely have some questions about how it works. Keep the following questions and answers in mind as you seek upholstery restoration.

Can I Replace the Upholstery Myself?

Auto upholstery repair isn’t a job the average car owner can perform. It entails time and access to the right tools of the trade. It’s best to entrust the work to a professional for the best results.

Should I Replace Upholstery with the Same Material?

Do you wish to change your existing upholstery material to something else? You can request a new fabric type, but it may not have the same perforations or embossings. Furthermore, some cars decrease in value if they’re missing the original material. Continue Reading →

Auto Upholstery Cleaning: What NOT to Do Near University Place

auto upholstery cleaning, auto upholstery

How is the condition of your car interior? Some stains in the upholstery or odors may not impact operability, but it does make the vehicle far less presentable, especially if you travel with passengers. It also reduces car value. This is why auto upholstery cleaning is necessary for ensuring a car cabin that’s pleasant for driving or riding in. For best results, here are some actions to avoid when performing interior auto cleaning.

Don’t Use Any Random Cleaner

Some car owners will use any random cleaner, ranging from dish detergent to tile cleaners. This can cause permanent discoloration or erosion of the material. Only use cleaners formulated for auto upholstery, and they should be specific to your upholstery type. Materials like leather and synthetic fabric require specific cleaning formulas.

Don’t Ignore the Trunk

Car owners tend to ignore the trunk because it’s seen as merely storage space. However, stains and odors can easily arise, especially if you frequently store and transport groceries where spills can occur. Smells can especially spread to the cabin.

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Preventing Leather Auto Upholstery Damage Near Tacoma

leather upholstery damage, preventing upholstery damage Does your vehicle have premium leather upholstery? With the high-quality material, it’s only natural to want to preserve its condition. Luckily, there are ways to offset leather upholstery damage and prevent blemishes like stains, rips, and odors. If your car has existing damage, bring it to an auto upholstery professional near Tacoma, Washington. Here are a few ways to keep damage at bay.

Minimize Direct Sunlight

UV rays can cause leather auto upholstery to fade. Unfortunately, UV ray exposure is common with most cars spending an extended period parked outside. To safeguard your upholstery from needless rips and discoloration, invest in a sunshade. This is inexpensive and only takes five seconds to place on the windshield before exiting the vehicle. You can also get your car tinted to further minimize UV ray exposure.

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Types of Residential Window Glass in Lakewood

window glass, window glass typeAre you contemplating window replacement for your residence in Lakewood, Washington? If so, it’s essential to choose window glass types that are most fitting for your budget and personal visual preferences. Consider the advantages and drawbacks of each common window variety before making an appointment with a window installer.

Float Glass

One common style of window glass is float glass. This is a standard variety that’s untreated and colorless. Due to its sheer simplicity, it’s affordable and great for budget renovations. Despite the simplistic nature, these windows still provide a great look for living quarters and personal bedrooms.

Safety Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is desirable due to its high durability and longevity. The glass will often remain in place even if there’s a crack or fracture, thus prevent a shattering from occurring. This adds a layer of safety especially for households with young children. Laminated glass is also common in vehicles during a windshield replacement. Continue Reading →

Preparing for Auto Glass Replacement Near Parkland

windshield replacementHas your windshield incurred damage near Parkland, Washington? If so, it’s imperative to arrange auto glass replacement with a glass professional ASAP. Upon discovery that your car’s windshield has been damaged, what actions do you need to take? We recommend taking the following steps below to save yourself time, money, and hassle.

Find a Trustworthy Auto Glass Shop

When you require auto windshield repair or replacement, it’s integral that you find a reputable auto glass service in your local region. Not all auto centers provide windshield repair, and those that do don’t always provide stellar quality. We suggest asking friends and relatives for referrals. Someone you know at some point has likely sought auto glass repairs and/or replacement. Continue Reading →